I take what I've learned from my time doing videography in events and transfer that over to promotional content. Focusing on human interaction and emotion in order to drive your service or product home, in a way that your audience will connect with.
1K Giveaway - Instagram Promo
"Welcome to Bear Brook Valley" (Venue Promo):
Avenue Montaigne 45 sec Sizzle (shot for Fondu):
SJV High School - 2024 Acceptance Video:
"Break My Heart" - Kimmie Devereux Song Release Teaser:
Jordan Michaels - Instagram Promo:
Jordan Michaels 2020 SI Swim Search:
hi,aria - Website Video:
A RowLuxe Engagement - Commercial:
SJV 2019 Open House Video:
RAMS - 2020 Summit Promo:
TailorMade By Aaron - Instagram Promo:
hi,aria - Instagram Promo #1:
hi,aria - Instagram Promo #2:
RAMS Cheerleading - 2018 Showcase Promo:

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